The company runs a Computational Cluster with the following specifications:

PCs 33
Mini PCs 11
CPUs 328
Graphic Cards 44
CUDA Cores 47'000
Tensor Cores 288
Operating System

Ubuntu Linux 18.04 / Windows 10

Entropy Sources

one thermal from semiconductor junction and one radio noise from ionosphere

Other Hardware one Xilinx FPGA
Cooling 3 air fans, 1 Dyson
Environmental Monitoring Homematic system: among others power meter, smoke and lightning detection
Running since 01.07.2017
Power Consumption 7 kW

About half of the computers in the cluster are CUDA Supercomputers .

When the cluster is not performing calculations for customers, it volunteers computer cycles for the BOINC distributed computing network: 


Statistics are updated daily. Click on the image above to view more statistics about the cluster.

Below you can see our statistics for the World Community Grid project, which helps to find cures to common diseases: