deep space computing AG is a Swiss software development and consultancy company aimed at the emerging Technologies in the computer science field. It has a strong focus on tasks which are computational intensive and brings the latest technology trends down at the small and medium enterprises level. The company runs an own Computational Cluster to serve customer needs.

Though the company is very young, it was founded by a small Team of dedicated people who are in the IT business since the ages of the informatics revolution. After witnessing the home computer, and the Internet, they want be full part of the next revolutions sparked by advancements in the following fields: High Performance Computing, Scientific ComputingDeep Learning, Big Data, Blockchain, Dynamic Programming and Quantum Computing. These advancements require special knowledge on one side but also special hardware on the other and the company will provide both to customers.


If the current technologic advancements are left only to the big corporations, there are clearly dangers for society. Deep Space is therefore committed to spread new technologies among small and medium enterprises, so that on one side any single member of society can profit from them and on the other side counter centralization of knowledge in few big companies. 


The creation of computing systems and applications in an endless quest to fully understand and transform the world around us for the better.