The company runs a Computational Cluster with the following specifications:

PCs 33
Mini PCs 11
CPUs 318
Graphic Cards 43
CUDA Cores 45'976
Tensor Cores 288
Operating System

Ubuntu Linux 18.04 / Windows 10

Entropy Sources

one thermal from semiconductor junction and one radio noise from ionosphere

Other Hardware one Xilinx FPGA
Cooling 3 air fans, 1 Dyson
Environmental Monitoring Homematic system: among others power meter, smoke and lightning detection
Running since 01.07.2017
Power Consumption 7 kW

About half of the computers in the cluster are CUDA Supercomputers .

When the cluster is not performing calculations for customers, it volunteers computer cycles for the BOINC distributed computing network: 


Statistics are updated daily. Click on the image above to view more statistics about the cluster.