deep space computing AG has experience with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology beginning from 2013. Through the years deep space employees collected experiences in Blockchain resumed in the table below:

Period Experience
2013-Feb 2014 Running self written speculative bots in Python on MtGox
Feb 2014 Crash of crypto exchange MtGox
July, 7 2017 First Gridcoin mined
July 2017 - ongoing Creating a Computational Cluster to mine Gridcoins
Sep 2017-Dec 2018 Running self written arbitrage bots in PHP for trading pairs Solarcoin/Bitcoin and Gridcoin/Bitcoin. The bots are able to self balance by offsetting trade probabilites.
July 2017 - ongoing Running 2 Bitcoin wallets, 3 Gridcoin wallets (1 research, 1 investment, 1 testnet), 1 Solarcoin wallet, 1 Ethereum wallet, 1 IOTA wallet, 1 Biblepay wallet, 1 Lightning Node
2018 Contributions to the Gridcoin Whitepaper
January 2019 Adding an entropy source with semiconductor junction to the cluster
February 2019 Adding an entropy source with ionospheric radio noise to the cluster
March 2019 New Lightning Node on the Bitcoin Network
October 2019 Cluster reaches a peak performances of 97 Teraflops with 8 kW consumption
March 2021 Computational Cluster transferred from Miralago to San Carlo
January 2022 Experimenting with Crypto Stamp, the new Non Fungible Token of Swiss Postal Services (NFT)


A good introductory book to understand Bitcoin and the underlying Blockchain technology is "Bitcoin, Blockchain und Kryptoassets" by Aleksander Berentsen and Fabian Schär.