Some short impressions on the interesting DWave seminar on Quantum Computing held in Milan, March 25-27

Each of the squares on the wafer on the image above are QPUs (Quantum Processing Units) built on the DWave 2000Q architecture. The naked eye discerns on each QPU a grid of littler cells, unfortunately not visible in the picture above. The cells are 256 in total, arranged in a 16x16 grid, and each one contains 8 qubits connected in a complete bipartite graph K_4,4. Each cell has 8 connections to other adiacent cells which are couplers from a qubit in one cell to another qubit in another cell. This is the Chimera graph



The silhouette of Murray Thom showing the most important slide of Monday afternoon: the objective function for the Ising model.

 A Phyton program to solve the Indipendent Set problem on a DWave computer using Dwave's Ocean Software Suite.

 Pirellone in Milan, close to Gallia Hotel where the seminar was held.