deep space computing offers two services around environmental monitoring, one being health monitoring and the other house automation.

Environmental Monitoring

deep space computing can check household devices and rooms in a house and verify that the following environmental parameters do not present a danger to health of people living in the building. 

Environmental Parameter  Device Unit  Acceptable Range Typical Tests on

 Radioactivity through Geiger Counter

 microsievert per hour

  • Cosmic radiation: 1 millisievert/year 
  • Additional exposure: 2 millisievert/year due to other factors
  • Maximal exposure for a worker in a nuclear plant: 20 millisievert per year

 Living room Sleeping room, Ceiling, Basement (Radon)

 Electric Field

   Volt per Meter  0-15 V/m  Microwave Oven, Induction Cooker, Computer Screen, Television, Sleeping room, Electric Lines and Plug Sockets
 Magnetic Field same as previous row   microTesla  0-5 microTesla same as previous row 
 Thermal Imaging    Celsius Depending on room and purpose  Identify thermal leaks in buildings, check devices that run 24 hours a day for components running too hot



House Automation

deep space computing collected knowledge about domotics while running its Computational Cluster. It now offers services about advanced house automation to customers using the Homematic system.